I have been wanting chickens for a while now.  Well, last month we had a wonderful camp worker and he built me a chicken coop out of one of our old sheds (I did help a little).  Then, I had a friend tell me about a lady that sells hens that are already laying eggs.  I figured it would be nice to get rewarded with eggs right away, so I contacted her and last night I bought 5 Cuckoo Marans.  They weight around 7-8 pounds and they are “chocolate eggers” so their eggs will be dark chocolate brown colored.  I think it will be fun to get different varieties so we get different colored eggs.  I get ahead of myself, first I will see how my Marans do.

I am brand new to the chicken world so I am reading and watching videos and learning alot.  I learned chickens can and will eat most things humans eat.  So, the chickens will get all my cooking scraps from now on.  Also, they eat any bugs, including mosquitos (love that!) they come across.  Right now they will be in a enclosure that is about 10 feet X 12 feet.  When we build our house on the hill, I will let them free range around the house (that is the plan anyway).  Then, they can eat all the bugs and grass they want AND fertilize the grass.  

The hens have only been here one night, so I will update you soon and let you know how things are going.

new chicken